Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How often can I visit?
A:  As often as you like. for the privacy of all of our residents we request that visitors stay no later than 12 midnight. Typical visiting hours are 8 am to 10 pm


Q:  Can I stay for dinner?
A:  We encourage families to enjoy meals together, however meals are provided to residents as part of our program; family and visitor meals are not. We will charge for meals as follows: Breakfast: $5 / Lunch: $7 / Dinner: $9


Q:  My father/mother has a local family doctor; can he/she continue to see this doctor?
A:  Yes, however the family will need to provide the transportation, as we do not.


Q:  If my loved one goes on vacation with the family or has to go to the hospital, do they still have to pay for the days they were gone?
A:  Yes, it is a flat monthly rate.


Q:  Can skilled home care be brought in the home under Medicare?
A:  Yes, for up to 120 days.


Q:  Do you have activities?
A:  Yes, we do an enrichment program that includes health and wellness, arts and crafts, games and more. We even have family days and holiday parties.


Q:  How often are safety checks done at night?
A:  Every 2 hours or as needed.


Q:  Do you have a visiting physician?
A:  Yes, we use Visiting Physicians Association and also offer podiatrist visits and visits for salon services.


Q:  Do you allow pets to visit?
A:  Yes, if they do not bite. Size will be evaluated also.


Q:  If my loved one is diabetic, are you able to administer insulin?
A:  We do offer diabetic services, including blood sugar monitoring, but the resident must be able to administer their own insulin injection for family must be able to do it.


Q:  What is the difference between your company and other resident care home companies?
A:   We are Nurse owned and operated with person centered care; the owners are heavily involved in all aspects of the homes. Our homes are re-constructed from the shell and not just modified to fit our residents. We also have our own private duty home are company that we operate as well.


Q:  Do you provide furniture in the private rooms?
A:  No, we do not, but we encourage the families to bring furnishings and familiar items into their loved one's room. This brings a sense of belonging and comfort to your father/mother. We can also provide resources, if needed, to get a hospital be for fall risk residents.


Q:  Does Medicare pay for rent?
A:  Medicare only covers skilled nursing for the resident for therapy. The pay sources we accept are private pay, long term care insurance, and Veteran's Aid & Attendance.


Q:  Can my loved one eat her favorite foods?
A:  We encourage family recipes to be shared so we can make familiar dishes for the residents. the Grocery list is made with the resident's input.