Constant Comfort

Comfort is more than just a word

heart Time to Care

Time is a widely neglected principal in the senior care industry. Our promise to Constant Comfort is to always maintain a superior level of staffing. Our Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Facilities welcome up to 5 residents and always have two caregivers from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm and one caregiver from 7:30 pm to 7:00 am. Why is staffing to resident ratio so important in Memory Care? It requires that we provide a safe and loving environment. Providing the eyes and ears and hands on attention that needs to be within close proximity at all times.

Loneliness is strictly prohibited. Having human touch and conversation is what we do best and we have the time. Our caregivers keep our residents consistently engaged, giving the resident the dignity and respect they deserve. Our caregivers are always steps away, so "wait" is not a word we use. When our residents need anything, it's taken care of; ergo Constant Comfort.

It's simple, highly trained staff that believe in our mission and truly have time to deliver the principles of constant comfort.

heart Person Centered Biography Based Care

We take a full biography and have our residents and family engage in a storytelling intake interview. This allows our caregivers to understand what encompasses the essence of that resident and their family. In times of anxiety or sadness knowing something about an individual's past can redirect thoughts to happier times such as playing with their favorite pet or talking about the birth of their children.

heart Let There be Light

A very large number of those affected by memory loss have a problem called Sundowners Syndrome. Meaning that when the sun goes down confusion increases and anxiety and worry rise to the forefront. We have purposely installed can lighting throughout our homes when the sun goes down our can lighting goes up. This creates a longer day for the resident thereby helping them feel the need to sleep at bedtime and avoiding a scary and stress filled evening.

heart Tactile, Taste & Touch

Individuals with memory loss experience changes in the way their neuro sensory system responds. Understanding how each individual responds to tactile stimuli is critical when providing Constant Comfort.

Taste - We consistently provide wholesome and nutritious menus. Taste is altered in many individuals with memory loss, we take that into consideration and truly define what is the perfect combination to maintain a healthy weight, We have a frequent fluid program that is based on the individual's taste preference. Dehydration is a very serious concern and finding that flavor that makes a resident want to drink greatly reduces the chance of this complication frequently associated with memory impairment.

Touch - As discussed earlier touch can be an amazing tool when caring for the memory impaired individual. Not too hard not too soft After determining the appropriate level of tactile stimuli for the individual, we implement our keep in touch plan of care.

  • Hand massages daily with soothing lotions essential oils or creams.
  • Neck and back massages at bedtime.
  • Scalp massages
  • Couch Buddy Time

Everybody knows how comforting it can be to sit next to someone and have the warmth of human contact it may seem simple but it really works and our staff have the time.